Canteen News

New canteen menu with updated price list (15/9/2016) is available for download from here.


This year Northfield Primary School is using the app called Seesaw. This allows students and staff to send examples of student learning digitally through app. It is available for free from the App Store and Google Play. You only need an internet connected device to gain access. It is private and secure. You must have signed a consent form for the school to publish your child’s learning. This form has already gone home but please see the class teacher for another one. Further questions can be directed to the class teacher or Rob Varley. More information is available at

Harmony Day 2016

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Discover Dance - Out There

For several years we have worked with The Australian Ballet and last year selected students participated in filming a short film. It was very exciting and a fantastic opportunity for our students. You may view it by clicking on the image below.


Labs'n'Life was established in 2007 and has since grown to provide 20 programmes each week covering schools in the Northern, Western, Southern and Country school districts.

At Northfield, the programme commenced in Term 2 this year and provides some of our targeted students with the opportunity to experience success and gain confidence whilst learning how to form and build relationships. The students work with the same dog each Wednesday afternoon. The Labradors use a collection of techniques to provide an environment that supports calming responses to situations, working in co-operation with others, sharing ideas and friends, providing cuddles when needed and the ability to play without restriction. More information can be seen at the Labs'n'Life website: Working with the Labs'n'Life dogs has produced excellent results for our students and so we hope to continue this valuable addition to our school programme.

Walk to Brazil

To celebrate our Walk To Brazil and the beginning of the Olympics, we held our own Northfield Opening Ceremony.
In preparation for the 2016 Olympics, we were attempting to walk the distance between Northfield and the Olympic Stadium in Rio in time for the Opening Ceremony. During terms 2 & 3 students & staff have been walking/running laps of the oval on Tuesday and Friday mornings.

Overall as a school we walked 21300 laps = 8520 km.
Unfortunately we fell short of our target of 34013 laps = 13605 km.

Congratulations to all students for their Walk To Brazil achievements.